E-Mobility: Digital insurer FRIDAY cooperates with Klima-Quote.de - EV drivers can benefit financially in two ways

  • New boost for e-mobility: E-car drivers benefit from attractive insurance conditions and the highest greenhouse gas premium (GHG premium) in the market
  • Within 24 hours of buying an insurance policy, customers receive their annual e-mobility premium, worth 350 euros, directly into their bank accounts.

Berlin, 19th April 2022 - Digital insurer FRIDAY has signed a cooperation agreement with Berlin-based Klima-Quote.de. EV drivers benefit from this cooperation in two ways: As a leading insurtech, the Berlin-based insurer offers favorable rates and a fully digital processing. Klima-Quote.de uses the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act, which became effective in Germany at the beginning of the year, and allows electric car owners to sell the so-called greenhouse gas quota (GHG quota) as a CO2 emission certificate to companies that are subject to these quotas (e.g. mineral oil companies). Klima-Quote.de provides a simple solution by offering EV drivers an annual premium of 350 euros which they receive within one day.

The cooperation is a pioneering sustainability initiative for e-mobility in Germany. “Many e-car drivers do not know that since the beginning of the year they are entitled by law to receive a reimbursement in cash for every car with an electric drive,” says Marcel Preuss, co-founder of Klima-Quote.de. The company has made the lengthy and complex application process attractive for electric car owners by providing an online platform which is easy to use. “With us, customers get their GHG premium within 24 hours, instead of six weeks,” Marcel continues. “The future of mobility is electric. An efficient trade of certificates benefits both the customers, as well as the companies. We are currently seeing a booming interest among consumers, who can benefit financially every year from the sale of their certificates.”

FRIDAY, which has been successful for five years, completely forgoes cost-intensive brokers and intermediaries and passes the resulting price advantages on to its customers instead. With the new cooperation, FRIDAY customers who own an EV can also apply for their GHG premium directly via a link when subscribing to a car insurance policy. “We think beyond just insurance benefits and have found in Klima-Quote a partner that complements our offering for e-car owners through their fast payout processes and a high GHG premium,” says Robin Latz, FRIDAY Country Head Germany. With the pay-per-kilometer rate, FRIDAY additionally offers fair billing per kilometer and an incentive to use the car less. Those who drive less automatically pay less for their insurance. In addition to the financial benefit for the customer, every reduced kilometer driven helps the environment. Furthermore, with FRIDAY ECO, the InsurTech also offers a sustainable option for cars with internal combustion engines where the carbon dioxide emissions of the kilometers driven can be offset, especially when using the car cannot be avoided.


E-car owners reduce greenhouse gas emissions with their electric drive and, since 2022, can sell their GHG quota to companies that are legally required to reduce their CO2 emissions. The GHG quota is intended to help achieve national and international climate targets and contribute significantly to climate protection in the transport sector. 

In 2021, the EU Directive 2018/2001 creates the basic conditions for a sustainable development of electromobility. After all, the shift in mobility should not be financed solely from taxpayers’ money. Instead, funds will also be redistributed directly from mineral oil companies with respectively higher CO2 emissions to new technologies. Through this regulation, electric cars will be certified with an annual flat amount of CO2 savings. Mineral oil companies have the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions of their fuels with these certificates. Selling the certificates to corporations directly would be too complex for private e-car owners, thus Klima-Quote.de was founded to simplify the process.


FRIDAY is a digital insurer with a European insurance license. With modern and digital solutions, FRIDAY is changing the customer experience in the insurance industry. Its products are consistently aligned with customer demand for simplicity and ease of use. With benefits such as kilometer-based billing, daily cancellation and paperless administration, FRIDAY has introduced many innovations to the insurance industry. 

FRIDAY was founded by an experienced team of entrepreneurs with the support of Baloise Group, a leading Swiss insurance group. FRIDAY is a responsibility-driven technology company. As such, FRIDAY has made its entire operation carbon neutral, offsetting all CO2 emissions since the company’s foundation in 2017. As a full-stack insurance company, FRIDAY masters the entire value chain from underwriting to distribution. As a risk carrier, the insurer is subject to the insurance supervision in Luxembourg (CAA, Luxembourg Insurance Supervisory Authority) and each local branch is also subject to the limited supervision of the local supervisory authorities. (BaFin, Germany; ACPR, France).


About Klima-Quote.de

Klima-Quote.de, a brand of greenAir GmbH, is a leading service provider for the utilization of greenhouse gas quota and enables private and corporate customers a simple and fast process of selling the certificates. Within 24 hours after registration customers are already awarded with the premium which is paid into their account. It is possible to sell the GHG quota on an annual basis.

Klima-Quote.de was founded in 2021 and immediately established itself as a leading service provider for GHG quota trading. Customers can benefit from a fast and convenient process. Klima-Quote.de takes care of the time-consuming certification process of the vehicle at the Federal Environment Agency, handles the coordination with customs and then bundles the certificates to sell them to mineral oil companies. This minimizes the workload for e-car owners to just a few minutes and reduces the payout to just 24 hours. 

Furthermore, climate compensation with Klima-Quote.de extends even further: for each registered e-car, the Berlin-based company plants 40 trees - corresponding to the compensation of the annual CO2 emissions of a vehicle with a conventional drive. On average, a vehicle produces 379 kilograms of CO2 emissions every year. One tree, in turn, absorbs around ten kilograms of CO2 per year. 



FRIDAY is a digital insurer with an European insurance license, committed to building a new type of insurance experience, fit for the demands of today.

FRIDAY is changing the image of insurance by utilizing the latest technology and purely digital solutions. Products are firmly geared towards customer demand for simplicity and peace of mind. FRIDAY has introduced many innovations to the German insurance market, including mileage-based billing, paperless administration, and the ability to cancel on a daily basis.

The company was founded by an experienced team of entrepreneurs in Berlin with the support of the Baloise Group, a leading Swiss-based Insurance. As one of the few European FinTechs, FRIDAY truly is a full stack insurance company, able to own the complete value chain from underwriting to distribution.

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